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Earning my new media driver license

  • My take on the course

Social Networking

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  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Search Engine Optimizing

  • Becoming Popular

Google Adwords

  • My Experience

The World @ my fingertips

  • What I have access to

Wrap Up


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Local University Utilizes Arthor’s Book to Engage Students into New Media

EAST LANSING, Mich.–This year’s  number-one best seller, The New Rules of Marketing & P.R.“, soars to the top of the charts. Winning the hearts of new media students and business owners all in the same. Written by the commendable author, “David Meerman Scott.

David Meerman Scott, a renowned keynote speaker, marketing strategist, and seminar leader. Has paved the way for companies to utilize “new media” in order to increase a campaign’s viability to earn its maximum potential.

“When people spread  your ideas and tell your stories, buyers are eager to do business with you. All kinds of doors begin to open. I’ll show you how”. Confidently stated Author, David Meerman Scott.

His rewarding marketing tactics and strategies has landed him in the MarketingSherpa Viral Marketing Hall of Fame twice, once in 2006 and then in 2007.

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Earn Your New Media Driver License

Would you like the opportunity to promote your business , your self, or your product in a new age way? Would you like to engage in social networking? Or would you just like to expand your knowledge upon new digital media? The New Media Driver License online course offered at Michigan State University is the class for you!!! If you’re a college student or a business professional you will obtain all of the essential tools necessary to succeed in the new digital world. The Course is lead by Derek Mehraban, who is CEO of Ingenex Digital Marketing. He is very knowledgeable in creative marketing and has 15 years of experience as a leader in the digital marketing industry. The course will take you on journey through social and professional networking sites such as Facebook and Linkedin. It will also take you through new marketing and digital public relations and also Google Applications such as Google Adwords. This is not your average interactive course your weekly assignments are created by blogging and submitted via wall post on the course facebook group page. If your beginner or if you’re advance this class will enhance your skills.

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Search Engine Optimization is basically making the traffic of your website pick up by improving the quality and the volume from search engines in conjunction with natural search results.


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